Sunday, January 4, 2009

Movies et al is back! (sort of)

Greetings out there in internet land!

If you have this blog set up in a feed reader, I hope you enjoy this post. If not, tell your friends - I haven't checked site traffic lately, but I imagine it's not good.

Anyway, the proprietor of a pretty sweet blog, The Dancing Image, just asked me via comment if I have abandoned the blogosphere. The answer is, in sooth, yes. But I do not intend to have abandoned it permanently. By mid-March, my PhD exams will be completed (unless I fail them!) and I hope, at least through the summer, to return to regular posting.

So what do you do in the meantime? I have 3 suggestions:

1. Check out the afore mentioned Dancing Image for one of the best and smartest writers of the internet if you're looking for readable, thoughtful and deep essays on topics all over the universe of film.
2. On the other hand (and this is not to say that these fellas are not readable, thoughtful, and/or deep) if you want to know what's good in the theatres and on DVD right now, you can do no better than MovieZeal. Evan, Luke, and company will keep you informed, as they collectively see far more movies than I do and, what's more, right honest to goodness reviews of them. Amazing!
3. Finally, come back here every Sunday for the forseeable future for a Film Ignorance entry! That's right, Movies et al will be back on a weekly basis, hopefully with an entry a week until such time as my exams are over and I can devote mental energy to blogging again. Enjoy!



Fletch said...

Even in a limited basis, it's nice to see you back. I normally dump sites from my feed reader after more than a month of inactivity, but a) I really enjoyed your site and b) I had faith.

Welcome back.

Ibetolis said...

Glad to see you back Graham.

I hoped you hadn't gone the way of so many others. I look forward to your future posts.

MovieMan0283 said...

Graham, great to see you back in action and thanks immensely for the kind words. Glad you have not abandoned the blogsophere (at least not entirely), and I look forward to the forthcoming posts, however intermittent. Now I guess I'll go comment on the The Red Shoes.