Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woody Allen Poll

Well, I did my first poll for a while, and it got 11 votes, which is probably a record but also sad because it was up for a week. Of course, maybe people just don't have strong opinions about recent Woody Allen which case they are excommunicated from my religion. Which is pretty much a one man religion which worships Woody Allen. Anyway.

The poll asked what was the best film that Woody has made since Husbands and Wives, Woody's last masterpiece. The obvious answer is Deconstructing Harry, which of course means that my vote was the only one that film received. The winners tied with three votes a piece: Manhattan Murder Mystery, which I love and almost voted for, and Bullets Over Broadway, which I have not seen. It just made it to the top spot on my netflix queue.

Outside of Harry, Manhattan, and Bullets, only two films received votes. Match Point, which I loathed but many praised, got two votes. "Other" also got two votes. Mighty Aphrodite (which I haven't seen), Melinda and Melinda (terrible but rather well-received), and Vicky Cristina Barcelona (pretty ok!) got 0 votes.

Remind me never to do a poll again. Only getting 11 votes in an entire week is so depressing. If you remove my vote, that's like 1.1 votes a day. Welcome to Movies et al, where 1.1 readers a day enjoy the site enough to vote in the poll!

P.S. Woody is ageless. Those two pictures were taken roughly 40 years apart. I've aged more since 2005 than he has since the 60s.

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Anonymous said...

OK. So this is my 1st time on this website,and my comment gives you one (1) in eleven months. An average of 1.1 per year.

Am not going to pick any particular movie. I find everything Woody does is delightful. He is first and foremost a writer of comic lines with a bit of pathos thrown in. Sometimes even cynicism! Turning these situations into a screenplay, then creating and directing a film, and finally casting himself more often than not, often results in a dilution of the intitial wisdom.

No matter to me. I just look for those moments, rare as they may be lately. and love them all.