Friday, June 20, 2008

Poll Roundup #1

Fun Facts from last weeks polls:

Coen Bros
Of the nine people who voted, 3 of them (including myself) have seen every single one of the movies made by the Coen Brothers. Every single one of the nine had seen The Big Lebowski, which makes sense, since it is the Coen film to most firmly penetrate popular culture.

The least seen film was Blood Simple, watched by only 5 of the 9 voters; this makes sense, as it's the first Coen Brothers film, the darkest, the least-polished, and the only one not available on Netflix. Others had been seen by only six of the voters: Miller's Crossing, The Ladykillers, and The Man Who Wasn't There. Every other film had been watched by seven or more of the nine people, including No Country for Old Men, even though that film only came out last year.


There were 10 choices in the Hayao Miyazaki poll (9 films and one vote for full ignorance), but the seven votes were spread out in only four choices. Spirited Away was the overwhelming favorite; 4 of the 7 voters chose it as their favorite Miyazaki movie, including myself.

One other person chose Howl's Moving Castle, one had seen zero Miyazaki films, and the lovely Mrs. Moviesetal chose My Neighbor Totoro. In other words, do yourself a favor and rent Spirited Away.