Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Note on Blogging

So first of all, god, I have a blog. I find this pretty inappropriate, as I am against blogs in general. My wife has one, and my friend Russ has one, and presumably other people that I know that walk around like normal people are also secretly, in a different life, "bloggers." So it seems like I should follow suit. I actually have another one that I made for a class I was in, but since I was in charge of my own project I decided not to update it. It has one post.

This blog, as you might be able to guess from the title, will be mostly about movies, although I'm sure I'll also hold forth on comics, literature, music, and politics, in roughly that order of frequency. I will do my best to never mention any sandwiches that I have eaten, or my cats, or when I'm having a bad day. In other words, I shall try to keep the "blogging" to a minimum.

Finally, I should start with the one tenet that guides this blog: A.O. Scott is always right. If I ever disagree with him, I will reserve the right to do so on this blog, but I will also bring shame to myself for disagreeing with him and thus being wrong. Best I can do, folks.

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